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Letter: Amazing

Dear Sir:

It’s just amazing what the far left is choosing to believe about the situation in Venezuela, as exemplified by the latest article by St Lucian marxist Earl Bousquet.  When he writes about “Venezuela’s friends hoping for the best” he means Maduro’s friends!  


Maduro does not own Venezuela and refuses to stand down. Neither will he hold elections, just like Bishop in Grenada. Of course it’s a matter of survival, because Maduro and Diosdado Cabello and company are involved in narco trafficking and they know that the only place they are safe from prosecution is Venezuela.

Bousquet actually believes, or claims to believe, that these brave millions of people in Venezuela who daily defy Maduro’s forces, and sometimes lose their lives in doing so, are actually coup mongers being supported by the United States!  Please!

Gregory Thomas.